Eat Healthy Live on the Palate (LXX): the light menu of the month

Shortly after the end of the summer and after the holidays, it is common to find a few extra kilos or a routine change that has disorganized our diet. To reverse this and Eat healthier, we leave as every beginning of the month, a Light menu with recipes included.

The healthiest menu for after the holidays

The organization is key to recover the routine and also to carry a healthy nutrition to help us take care of the body or get rid of extra kilos.

Therefore, we propose a base menu that pretend to serve as a guide so that in each house the food is planned and a healthy menu is created according to the family or the consumer who puts it into practice.

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Proposals for breakfast or snack

For those who inhabit breakfast and snack, these proposals will allow us solve these intakes in a healthy way and effectively calming the appetite.

However, it is necessary to clarify that the realization of breakfast and snack It is not essential when we seek to eat healthier and lose weight.

  • Tea or coffee without sugar with easy Nigella Lawson bread sandwich, fresh cheese, tomato and avocado.
  • Glass of milk and blueberry pancakes with fresh fruits.
  • Scottish porridge with caramelized mango.

  • Tea or coffee without sugar with toasted homemade bread without kneading with olive oil and tomato. A fresh fruit of choice.
  • Glass of milk and portion of cake without oatmeal and banana sugar.
  • Mango and banana smoothie bowl with berries and chia.

We can choose an option for breakfast and another for the snack or, changing them if we easily fall into the monotony to repeat preparations every day.

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Suggestions for main meals

To organize every day of the week and based on that, the purchase of food, we leave the following proposals for main meals:

  • Monday: For lunch we recommend a serving of couscous and broccoli salad with orange vinaigrette and for dinner a portion of cod in a piquillo pepper sauce with steamed potatoes.

  • Tuesday: The proposal for noon is a serving of tortellini salad with creamy yogurt dressing, while for dinner we suggest a tempered salad of coriander lentils with prawns.
  • Wednesday: For lunch we recommend a ration of zucchini, eggplant and tomato pie with brick pasta and for dinner, rice salad with roast chicken, asparagus and corn.
  • Thursday: The suggestion for noon is a salad of tender beans with radish and belly, and for the evening meal, a serving of frittata with figs and goat cheese.

  • Friday: For lunch we recommend a portion of lasagna without vegetables and for dinner, a salad of veal and cucumber.
  • Saturday: the suggestion for the meal is a chicken and bean burrito salad and for dinner some zucchini stuffed with boletus and prawns.
  • Sunday: at noon we recommend slices of hake in the microwave with quinoa or brown rice, while for dinner we propose a gazpacho without bread and beet salad, nectarines and avocado.
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To get more out of the menu in question, we always advise adapt rations and recipes to the particularities of each consumer or family that puts it into practice.

That is, we can adjust the proposals to preferences, possibilities, level of physical activity or other particular characteristics.

Likewise, it is possible to change the recipes from one day to another without any inconvenience, always based on the menu but in a flexible way to adapt it to our home.

Tips to complete the light menu of the month

So that this light menu is really helpful to eat healthier and lose weight, if we wish, we recommend accompany it with good habits.

Move more every day It can be very useful to facilitate weight loss and also, to feel more comfortable with ourselves and thus, take care of our diet.

Also to eat healthier we advise sleep well every night, trying to improve the quality of sleep or night rest.

Drinking water regularly, always eat at the table and avoid smoking as well as alcohol consumption are also healthy behaviors that will beneficially complement our light menu of the month.

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