29 easy and fast microwave recipes (for people with zero time)

After the end of the holidays, we all go through bad weather with the return to work, the meals to take in the lunch box and the usual tasks of each house. That's why we have chosen these 29 easy and fast microwave recipes (for people with zero time), to facilitate you - as far as possible - return to the routine.

We have looked for tasty recipes from both main courses as garnishes and of course many sweets and desserts that rejoice in these days when some are attacked by post-vacation syndrome. On the way, so we use the microwave more, a very practical appliance that unfortunately we use only to heat breakfast milk or reheat leftovers, and that, as you will see, can give us a lot of play in the kitchen.

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29 easy and fast microwave recipes (for people with zero time)

1. Easy snacks and snacks made with the microwave

Even if we don't realize, it's easy to make snacks and quick snacking recipes using the microwave, while we cook other dishes in the conventional oven or in our fire, hob or induction hob. For example, these fried almonds in the microwave are exquisite, and something similar happens with the traditional microwave popcorn made by us at home.

Even one of the most classic recipes of our gastronomy, the potato omelette can be made in the microwave, and it looks really delicious. Obviously, it curdles in the pan after cooking the potatoes in the mic.

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2. Light recipes for starters, for diet or for dinner

Surely when you've seen this white wine clam casserole you will not have imagined that they are prepared with the microwave oven, except for being included in this compilation. Something similar happens with poached eggs, light and tasty, which are very easy to make with the microwave oven, and that we can use at dinner, breakfast and to top off many recipes.

It is also very easy to make this mushroom and nut cake, a gluten-free recipe that everyone will like and that is perfect for sharing since it ration very easily, Just like this fake seafood mousse, which serves as an entree, dinner or for an elegant snack and is similar to this other recipe for nice cake.

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3. Microwave-made side dishes

The most helped garnishes, like white rice, they are perfect in the microwave, especially if you use a good device that combines the techniques of Convection, Grill, Microwave, and steam cooking like this.

You can also use the microwave to prepare some great cooked-roasted potatoes in ten minutes, which can serve as an entree if you fill them, or as a side dish for meat or fish recipes, or serve as a base for any recipe that has cooked potatoes, such as a Russian salad among others.

4. Strong dishes in the microwave to look (very) good

Few ingredients are as grateful as fish for microwave cooking.. Recipes as appetizing as the slices of microwave hake that you have on this paragraph, are ready in less than ten minutes and leave everyone delighted.

Same happens when we use the technique of papillote inside the microwave, with magnificent results such as this hake with carrots, bimi and its cream, or in the always juicy salmon papillote with vegetables, which can solve many meals when you have almost no time to cook.

The cod is also at its point, with the flakes perfectly separated as you can see in the image, after going through the microwave only two minutes. Vegetables are made at the same time in this recipe for cod papillote that you have to try yes or yes.

We finish the recipes with seafood with another recipe very easy to make: the one of the cuttlefish with microwaved potatoes with brava sauce, perfect for second course but also ideal to share at snack time with some very cold beers.

Moving on to meat recipes, the microwave can also help us prepare very colorful recipes such as this salt pork loin with orange sauce, which we have done in a very short time thanks to the microwave.

Curried turkey in five minutes, perfect for a main course or stuffed chicken breasts, with red fruit sauce, is also luxurious. Colorful and tasty dish that will make you look great when you prepare it.

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5. Sweets and desserts to enjoy the microwave

Nothing as nice as making desserts using the microwave. Many of the traditional recipes are significantly reduced processing time when using this appliance. Such is the case with the recipe for the custard in the microwave, a simple preparation that will delight everyone who tries it or homemade toffee candies, ready in just six minutes.

Equally delicious and equally fast are the recipes of the custard in five minutes or the one you have on this paragraph, the recipe of the curd lemmon made with the microwave, two quick recipes that I always use in my dessert preparations at home when I have to use one of those ingredients. They never fail and are made in a volley.

The microwave also serves to make biscuits and doughs, perfect for breakfasts and snacks. Good test is this carrot cake for dummies, ready in just 15 minutes, or the classic biscuits made with the siphon of foams and baked in the microwave inside a plastic cup.

We finish with five other dessert recipes that will come in handy because with the microwave you can have lists in about fifteen minutes so they are perfect when we want to look good and we have very little time to make them.

Thus, we propose the pear and banana crumble, the apple pie in 15 minutes, the quick microwave brownie, the sweet quince jam, or the applesauce and raisins to the red wine, all of them delicious and ultra fast.

In case you still want moreRemember that we made a compilation with the best mug-cakes recipes a long time ago, individual desserts that are cooked inside the microwave in a breakfast cup, where you can find nine other dessert recipes.

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