141 quick and easy recipes to start the course eating healthy, but without starving

With September comes the new course. Many of you have to say goodbye to the comforts of living at home with your parents and the tuppers with whom you have been fired will not last long. If you want eat healthy and well during the course, the time has come to learn to drive in the kitchen.

Your ability in the kitchen does not go beyond cooking a supermarket pizza in the oven or a pre-cooked dish in the microwave, the idea may make you shiver. However, we guarantee that with these 141 quick and easy recipes you can start the course by eating healthy... and also finish it!

Live to the Palate Easy recipes to eat well without wasting time

Vegetables and vegetables

If there are fast and easy foods to prepare, these are the vegetables. It is important to take the cooking point to each of them so that the result is optimal, but this is something easy to achieve if you are faithful to the indications we give you in each recipe and you do them often. You know that practice makes perfect, right? Well go ahead, which of these vegetable recipes Do you want to start?

Fat-free stewed vegetables Peas with ham


We are aware that cooking legumes from scratch imposes some respect, but the truth is that they have no science. Once the first plate of vegetables is cooked, the fears quickly dissipate. In any case, you can always pull canned cooked vegetables that save considerable time. Legumes are cheap, nutritious, satiating and give a lot of play. We encourage you to always have them in your pantry. Choose a good brand and cook!

Baked beans with tomato sauce, couscous and feta cheese Chickpeas with squid in 20 minutes Live to the Palate23 salads composed to eat well and never get bored


Salads are the queens of easy, fast and healthy cooking, especially if we use as a starting point those packages of varied sheets that are already washed. However, they can also be prepared with legumes, vegetables, couscous, rice or pasta. The combinations are endless, so don't cut yourself and try everything you can think of.

Couscous, broccoli and orange vinaigrette salad

Soups and creams

Grateful and comforting, so are soups and creams. Especially in the cold months when the body asks for a spoon. For creams we will need a hand mixer, the most recommended and affordable kitchen gadget. If you prepare large quantities, you can always freeze several portions and pull them later. Together with a toasted muffin and spread with cream cheese, they are a great solution for a light meal or a daily dinner.

Cream of mussels with apple and coriander

Pasta and rice

Of course they can't be missing pasta and rice recipes. In addition to easy and quick cooking, the pasta is versatile to say enough and admits amount of sauces and combinations. Three quarters of the same thing happens with rice despite that reputation that has a pungent ingredient that costs the point. Well, with these recipes you will master it in a zero point. You will see how simple, appetizing and easy they are all.

Spaghetti with avocado carbonara Vegetable Rice Soup Live to the Palate57 pasta recipes

Fish and seafood

As with meat and poultry, fillets, loins or slices of grilled or breaded and fried fish are an easy solution for lunch and dinner. We have focused on looking for recipes that move away from routine and help you learn new ways to cook seafood. The result of our search? These 14 easy seafood recipes That will amaze you.

Slices of microwave hake Spicy salmon toast with avocado cream and goat cheese

Meats and birds

When we don't have time to cook meat and poultry, we usually pull irons, breaded and hamburgers. We have nothing against these elaborations, which are rescued and tasty, but there is life beyond them. We show you with these easy meat and poultry recipes They get out of the ordinary.

Caramelized pork skewers with pineapple Sausages to the wine

Eggs and tortillas

Mediterranean Frittata

In tortilla, scrambled, fried, cooked, passed through water, to the plate, etc ... eggs have the ability to get us out of a lot of trouble and solve meals and dinners in the blink of an eye. It cost us to select only nine easy recipes with egg, because we have many more recipes for eggs and tortillas, but we had to set a limit. Of course, you can always take a look and choose more.

Salted egg pie with bacon Live to the Palate101 recipes with egg, easy, cheap and delicious

Sandwiches and sandwiches

Usually snacks and sandwiches have little recipe. Although in this small selection we have chosen those that involve more than slicing bread and spreading or stuffing with cold cuts, pates, cheeses and others and, therefore, are more complete. In some of our proposals we have used leftovers and that is that Sandwiches and sandwiches are the perfect meal. Look at what richer snacks can be transformed.

Croque-monsieur sandwich Egg Salad Sandwich

More easy savory recipes

There are elaborations that are difficult to classify in the previous categories and that go directly to this tailor's drawer to go to whenever you want have a snack, have a tasty dinner or enjoy when you feel like it. They are all of slow death. Which one would you start with?

Arugula, pear, radish and cheese toast Pizza star stuffed with tapenade, mushroom and cheese

Sweets and desserts

Although it is not appropriate to abuse them, we cannot help suggesting a few sweets and desserts For specific occasions. All of them easy and fast. Most only require crushing, mixing and cooling. And those that have baked are pulled to do.

Glasses of banana and dulce de leche without oven Easy hazelnut oil cookies Live to the Palate67 easy and quick dessert recipes

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