How to make an original country salad: 13 ideas to succeed in your summer picnis

Salads we eat all year, but the kingdom of country salad They are undoubtedly the hot months. Not in glass is also known as summer salad, although it admits other names such as peasant salad or, simply, potato. Because although it admits many ingredients, the tuber is the undisputed main protagonist.

It seems that we are less radical in defending a genuine recipe for this dish and in each house it is made in a somewhat different way, with its tricks. In order not to fall into the monotony and give more variety to picnics, barbecues, lunches and summer dinners, we propose many ideas and variants to make an original country salad and different.

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In addition to the potato, cooked in water or steamed and peeled, a canonical salad It usually has green or black olives, onion or scallion, green and / or raw red pepper and tuna or bonito in oil, in addition to a good simple dressing, with the optional cooked egg. Some people also add tomato, cucumber or pickles, beets or even prawns or peas.

Nor is it about opening the fridge and starting to mix ingredients without a ton nor are they with the potato base, but we can introduce small variations To not always repeat the same recipe and give it another spin, originate our traditional camper salad.

1. With smoked and salted

As a complement to canned tuna or bonito, or instead of this, we can include some smoked fish to our taste, even combining several types. Smoked salmon combines wonderfully with potatoes, but also cod, mojama, herring or trout.

We can also marinate the fish previously with good oil and fresh herbs, or give it a spicy point with some spices or chopped chilli. And if we want to show off more, we have the option of preparing our own smoked fish, for example with a touch of bourbon.

2. French style

One of the most famous recipes of our French neighbors is the Niçoise salad, whose variants we usually call simply French. Can include many varied ingredients, but you can not miss the potato, egg, tuna or bonito, anchovies, green beans, olives and tomatoes.

The vinaigrette also usually incorporates Dijon mustard and it is usual to serve it with a mixture of green leaves or seasonal lettuce. It really is almost like a more complete or somewhat refined version of our country salad; so we can inspire us in the french style to turn it into a real unique dish much more nutritious, while remaining light and healthy.

3. German inspiration mayonnaise, sausage and pickles

Germans - Central Europeans in general - love potato salad. It is called Kartfoffelsalat to the more classic version, although each region and almost in each house is prepared in a somewhat different way. In its simplest version we find a broth, mustard, vinegar and / or mayonnaise sauce. Sausage and pickles are almost essential.

In itself it is already a German version of the campera salad, without the typical ingredients of the Mediterranean garden, but we can make a mix of both traditions incorporating the same dressing or adding mayonnaise - better without egg or pasteurized -, pickled cucumbers or German-type sausages and mixed with the other ingredients. With tuna it would be a curious "sea and mountain" country salad.

4. With yogurt sauce

Who likes a creamy texture in your salad, you will surely love the touch of Greek yogurt sauce like the one we use in this simple recipe. Adding to the base the other ingredients of our favorite country salad, we will have a unique dish very complete, nutritious and very refreshing. We can ignore the cilantro and use parsley, dill or chives.

5. Combining different types (and cooking) of potatoes

A very easy way to give an original return to the classic country salad is to use different types of potatoes in it. It all depends a little on our area and the time of the year, but if we combine common potatoes with red and / or purple varieties, or even the coveted Canarian potato, we will gain in presentation and taste.

You just have to take into account the cooking point of each variety and adjust it for convenience, cooking each type separately if necessary to give the right point. And if we venture, we can play with the cooking point, leaving some firmer, or mixing cooked and roasted potatoes.

6. Playing with canned and semi-preserved foods

The summer potato salad is a humble and simple dish, but that can be raised to the luxury category using good product. A tuna belly of premium quality will make a difference, and it is not the only limit we can set to enrich the preparation.

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Nothing simpler to give the dish an original and tasty spin than resorting to other canned seafood, as an alternative or complement: mussels, cockles, sardines, octopus, razors, scallops, mackerel, anchovies, anchovies, clams, salmon, hedgehog ... and we can also add roe.

Since we start to open cans and cans, we can use the canned vegetables; There are very high quality and save us cooking time, making it possible to add vegetables that are out of season. Roasted peppers, asparagus, artichokes, green beans, beans ... there are many options.

7. Adding more vegetables (or fruits)

Speaking of vegetables, it is also a good idea to take advantage the richness of the vegetable and vegetable market In season, it shines with its own splendor in the hottest months. In raw or cooked, we can add several types of tomatoes, squash, onions or chives, green or white zucchini, purple or striped eggplant, carrots, cucumber, hot peppers or Padron peppers, etc. Certain fruits such as avocado or apple are also good ideas.

It will be more satiating and fresh, but very light, if we incorporate a base or accompaniment of fresh herbs and raw green leaves. We do not recommend the boring and bland iceberg lettuce, but there are many other more colorful and tasty options, such as oak leaf, escarole or romaine lettuce.

8. Different vinaigrettes with flavored oils

Bad dressing can ruin or kill boredom even the most complete salad. If we want more flavor, we can dress the peeled potato with the vinaigrette when it is still hot, and we will also achieve better texture. We have the keys to make the perfect vinaigrette, but there is always room for innovations.

A vinaigrette of black butter, lime, honey, mustard ... In the variety is the taste. Another option is to employ different vinegars (cider, rice, Jerez, raspberry ...) or flavor our extra virgin olive oil, with citrus skin, spices, fresh herbs, chilli, etc. Of course, we also have the alternative of using different oils, both in terms of the olive variety (picual, cornicabra, hojiblanca ...) and other seeds (pumpkin, peanut, almond ...).

9. An Asian touch

Since we have mentioned sesame oil, we link with another idea that will delight exotic food lovers: travel to Asia With the salad. It is not necessary to go very crazy with the ingredients, a special touch is enough to have an Asian, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Indian or Chinese point.

In addition to the mentioned oil, we can incorporate soy sauce, fish sauce or ponzu sauce, sriracha, wasabi, even makes a dressing with a touch of curry, miso, furikake or shichimi togarashi. As for added ingredients, kimchi, Japanese mayonnaise, salmon roe, tofu, Japanese pickles, edamame or seaweed are ideas with many possibilities.

10. Campera, but very seafood: with fresh fish

Tuna in oil is practical because we can have it in the pantry or use a semi-preserved refrigerator, however, we can try a much more seafood alternative with fresh fish. Whether cooked or raw - with the proper recommendations to avoid anisakis -, fish and seafood such as salmon, emperor, sea bass, bonito, cod, sardine, mackerel, sepia or prawns combine very well with the potato and the other vegetables.

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11. Crunchy contrast, nuts and seeds

If flat flavors on a plate are boring and unimpressive, Soft textures are not very interesting either. That's why the Russian salad goes so well with a fried quail egg or crusty breads, and that's why our country salad can also benefit from a crispy contrast.

Raw pepper and onion already provide that tougher and more refreshing palate, but we can boost it even more. They are at less risk of softening when resting in the fridge nuts and seeds, even better if they are previously roasted, a quick step that we can use to flavor spices.

Incorporated into the general mixture or added at the last moment as dressing, there are a whole world of small crispy ingredients to choose. Almonds, pistachios, peanuts, cashews, nuts, pine nuts, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, sesame, poppy, chia or flax, even white or black mustard seeds are all good options.

12. The wonderful world of olives and pickles

Forget the olives of doubtful quality and look for a product that is really worth taking a place in our salad. Why not play with the whole range What about this little Mediterranean jewel?

And we don't mean just "green / black", "boneless / boneless"; The olive or olive offers us multitude of varieties of flavors, shapes and colors different. In specialized stores we will also find them with different dressings, or we can do it at home. There is also the possibility of combining different types or trying original filled specialties.

Next to the olives we must not forget their cousins pickles, the great world of "variants" that so many passions awakens among lovers of vinegar flavors. Cucumbers and gherkins, piparras, onions, capers and shells, carrots, eggplants ... Just avoid the excess.

13. Cheese improves everything

There are so many different cheeses that we can add to a salad that it would be very difficult to make a few suggestions. Because really any variety is perfectly valid, except perhaps the spreads and creamy-although they could be combined with the vinaigrette-. We usually opt for fresh and soft when we make cold dishes, but some good cheese curds also work wonders.

The potato and the cheese They also make an exceptional couple, so we can only bet on our favorite. Safe bets? Mozzarella, burrata, a soft, curly or fresh goat emmental, authentic Greek feta, from Burgos, brie without bark, appenzeller or Idiazabal plates.

It is very easy to renew the offer of summer jacket salad at home, you just have to get carried away a little by creativity and set the limit where we think it is convenient.

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