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"Eat on the Road", a new Guide in the market

One of the things that seem to me to be the most difficult to do without the discomfort of being wrong from one end to the other is to recommend a restaurant; I have it compared to buying a colony for a third party, something as personal as what everyone likes to eat and the resources they want to spend on it requires a more or less deep knowledge of the person who asks for advice.

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Aduriz investigates saffron

The University of Castilla La Mancha is carrying out a project with the chef three suns Campsa Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz, Rentería) in order to investigate the uses of saffron and get the best culinary match not only through theoretical research but taking it to the stove of one of the most reputable chefs in Spain.

Mexican Chili Recipe

Recently I prepared the rich corn nachos that they like so much, and on that occasion I accompanied them with guacamole, but another way to eat them is with the Chili, Mexican stew based on chili peppers, meat and beans. Personally, I really like spicy food, so I really enjoy this tasty dish, ideal for a fun entree, or to snack while watching our favorite TV series.

Chocolate stimulates the brain according to the sex of the person

Not long ago we were talking about the stimulation of brain functions with chocolate. Now, it has been discovered that chocolate stimulates distinctly certain areas of the brain according to gender, male or female. In a woman a box of chocolates provokes the activation of the precentral gyrus (motor cortex), the temporal superior and the putamen (shell-shaped brain nucleus that is located on the lateral part of the lenticular nucleus) in addition also undergoes a progressive decrease of the sense of taste in the hypothalamus and brain tonsils.

Pork tenderloin confit with cheese sauce. Recipe

The recipe for pork tenderloin confit with cheese sauce is healthy, rich and juicy. It is the case study of our cooking course. With the confit we can obtain cooked goods much more juicy, tender and respecting its flavor. We can also ensure that with this form of cooking much healthier recipes are obtained, since the temperature melts the fat of the food leaving them to cook in their own juice.

Changes come to Hipercor and not everyone is good

With the purpose of reorganizing and unifying its commercial offer, avoiding duplication and improving its results, El Corte Inglés merges its department stores with Hipercor hypermarkets. A substantial and forceful change for Hipercor, a company created in 1979 with 38 years of travel behind it.

Art Bulls for Charity, Osborne Group's anti-hunger initiative

The Osborne Group symbol turned 50, the famous bull that shows its bravery and is a Spanish symbol, has served to make a very special initiative, to fight against child hunger. To this end, Osborne in collaboration with Share Our Strength has organized the creation of an artistic collection where a scale model of the famous Osborne bull has been used.

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Fresh milk in bulk in vending machine

I read this morning in the press that the milk cooperative of Campllong, in Girona, has installed today in the market of Salt (Girona) the first vending machine for fresh bulk milk in Catalonia. After the initiatives that have already been carried out in other European countries such as France or Italy, where raw milk has been sold in vending machines for more than two years; and behind the experience of some dairy farms in Navarra, now you can buy fresh milk in Girona, which is pasteurized, 24 hours a day through this invention.

Sergi Arola, your supposed answer about This kitchen is hell

In the forum "The best of Gastronomy", an alleged response of Sergi Arola to the great host of criticism has been published, after his television appearance in "This kitchen is hell." A reader of Direct to the Palate, Cristina, has provided it to us. This answer particularly leaves us a bit perplexed.

Simple strawberry cake. Recipe

There may be some clueless out there, but I imagine that the vast majority already know that we are in spring and therefore, in full strawberry season. If you have gone to the market, you will have seen them, I say. Always colorful and very red, although with a flavor that often leaves much to be desired, at least from my point of view.

Caviar for fine palates

Caviar are the black pearls that came from the east and are one of the star and essential products at a party dinner. It is said that there is no celebration worth its salt in which the caviar is not present. The caviar has conquered the finest and most exquisite palates, it is present in the most important tables and restaurants in the world.

Smoked salmon and avocado salad. Recipe

I can't help it, when I read the recipe in the middle of winter it will seem like an exaggeration of mine, but with this wave of heat I don't feel like cooking or eating anything hot or at least things that require a lot of vigilance next to the fire, That's why I prepare many salads, trying to make them an almost unique dish, such as this smoked salmon and avocado salad.

Pasta salad with avocado cream and salmon. Recipe

I never thought pasta would look good with guacamole. Although good, in this case it is a pasta salad with avocado cream that differ in some aspects. Not only because they added smoked salmon. Ingredients for 4 people 250 g of pasta (the type you want), 1 avocado, 1 small onion, 1 scallion, 2 tomatoes, 100 g smoked salmon, 1 lemon, fresh coriander, olive oil and salt.

Ezekiel Nº1 a conceptual wine

A wine that has called our attention especially is that made by Cavas Ferret, located in the Alto Penedés, it is Ezequiel Nº 1, a high-end red wine that has no vintage, no aging qualification, is therefore a conceptual wine . The wine in question has been made with the varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Tempranillo, a mixture that has been very interesting for our palate.

How to make gyozas, the tastiest Japanese dumplings (which we teach you to prepare with video)

Surely you have seen the Japanese gyoza or empanadillas in books, websites and social networks. They are a delicious and very colorful snack that, contrary to what it may seem at first glance, are very easy to prepare. There are different versions depending on the filling, ours is made with minced pork, but you can use veal, chicken or make them vegetarian with tofu, vegetables and mushrooms or similar.

The table of sin. Cook Book

I had been wanting to keep an eye on this cookbook for some time. In part, because the title, the table of sin, and the idea behind it, a compilation of recipes associated with each of the deadly sins, seem great to me, but also because my partner Pamela (One of Two Recipes), is one of the eight bloggers who has participated in its elaboration, and that is already a guarantee that it will be worth it.

Sunrise wall toaster

We have known various models of toasters, with fun shapes, ceramic, glass, with radio, which makes custom toast, etc., but what we found today is the one we like the most, at least in its design, because as Functionality, if the toast makes them one at a time, we would "turn off the sun" before we had breakfast.

Dinner in the sky

Can you imagine yourself ever eating in a Formula 1 championship while watching the race but just from the top of the track and cars, or having dinner right above a river hanging from a crane, or dining also in the sky of Any European capital? You can even celebrate an intimate wedding but in a spectacular way in this way.